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  • A steel drum ensemble is a good vehicle to introduce your students to musical styles of different cultures.
  • Because the instrument is so user friendly, students are able to learn music skills and theory much faster through the use of steel drums than they can on traditional band instruments.
  • Steel drum ensembles can help the teacher reach the “at risk” students. Those who do not respond to the traditional music programs tend to be more responsive to the steel drum ensembles.
  • A steel drum ensemble can be a good source of fund raising for any organization due to its unique performance appeal; you can also promote your school or district within your community and surrounding areas.


  • Steel drums bands are not unlike any other orchestra or chorus. It consists of four basic voices, SATB soprano, alto tenor and bass. However, they are named differently, they are named the tenor (soprano), double seconds (alto), double guitars (tenor), and bass. Some voices or instruments consist of multiple drums played by one player. The double seconds and guitars are two drum instruments, while the bass can vary from 4-9 full size 55 gallon barrels.
  • Steel drums sell for approximately $1000-1200 for each voice. This includes a *chrome instrument, case(s) mallets, stands. and shipping to the US. (*Basses are not chrome).
  • Some multiple drum voices are slightly more in cost due to additional shipping, cases, and stands.
  • A typical “classroom” of instruments is usually about 8-9 instruments. This can fill a room very fast. A group this size which is supplemented with drum set and some auxiliary percussion instruments can easily accommodate a standard size classroom of students. The “classroom” size group is a steel drum orchestra. This would be 4 tenors (soprano), 2 double seconds (alto), 2 double guitars (tenor), and 1 six bass and additional percussion instruments. The cost is approximately $10,000. I often recommend that a bass guitar or keyboard bass can be used to save on the cost of purchasing and transporting a 6 bass which is 6 full size 55 gallon barrels.


  • For more information please contact:
    James Taylor
    PO Box 31474, Phoenix, AZ 85046
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